Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair

Material and processing technic for wigs and caps, how to tips for human hair and synthetic wigs.
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Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair

Postby cocohugyou » November 21st, 2016, 9:07 am

Human Hair
Longevity: With proper care, most human hair products can last over a year.
Heat resistance: Human hair products are just like bio hair. You can style them with heat same as treating your own hair.
Coloring: Except for the natural black color, coloring may jeopardize the integrity of the hair since most human hair wigs have already been chemically processed.
Maintenance: Human Hair is just like your own hair. Regularly shampoo, deep-condition, and straighten it.
Looks: 100% Human Hair looks the most natural, blend seamlessly with your own hair, and reflect light the way your own hair would.

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Synthetic Hair
Longevity: Approximately 4-6 months.
Heat resistance: Our Trendy Synthetic Wigs are made of heat-defiant fibers. They can resist heat up to 220℉. Unless listed as made of heat friendly fiber, do not use heat to style your synthetic wigs.
Coloring:Never color a synthetic wig. It will cause irreparable damage.
Maintenance: Synthetic hair is easy to care for, simply wash, dry and shake.
Looks: Synthetic wigs blend with your own hair to create a virtually undetectable look and are a great, affordable alternative to 100% Human Hair Extensions.


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Re: Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair

Postby zasharss » April 26th, 2017, 9:41 am

JeffreyRen wrote:Thanks so much I think Ive been on there and didnt have much interaction, but I will try again. Do you think its a good idea to try a synthetic topper before investing in human hair?

That's a good question, for hair loss women usually consider for human hair wigs and toppers but nowadays, the synthetic hair is more and more high quality and in much cheaper price. You can really try one before buy a human hair topper, have both human hair and synthetic hair topper, you can search them in Google.

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