my hairloss is my only complaint

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my hairloss is my only complaint

Postby cocohugyou » September 26th, 2016, 9:25 am

I'm new here and wanted to see if anyone has experienced hairloss through Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy (BHRT)? I started BHRT in April. I've had my 3rd insertion in the last 3 weeks, and noticed a tremendous amount of hairloss. I'm told it's from testostetone, which converts to DHT. I used to have very thick and manageable hair. Now it's thin and its like trying to style a cobweb!! Currently, I am taking 25mg of Spiro and I'm going to try and increase to 50mg (taking it slow because of side effects). I'm also taking 5,000mg of Biotin. I feel I need another form of DHT blocker in shampoo form, but everything I read is a "miracle shampoo" then the next thing I read is that "miracle shampoo" is baloney! Im at a loss as to what to believe. I have pellets, so it's not like I can just stop my has to get out of my system. I probably have a good 4-5 months before that happens. The saddest thing is that I feel wonderful on hairloss is my only complaint. It has literally saved my life. In the meantime, I'm losing hair at an alarming rate daily. I need good, sound and reliable advice on how to stop my hairloss. To use the term depressed and traumatized is an understatement. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. :idea: :arrow: :?

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