Trick for topper clips that are pulling your hair

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Trick for topper clips that are pulling your hair

Postby zasharss » October 19th, 2016, 8:05 am

I was pretty worried about having ( actually pretty upset) to shave a small patch of hair to secure my topper so I could use use glue or tape.

The clip on the topper in the front just won't hold. I don't have enough hair and the grip is wobbly. The clip is pulling out what hairs I have left up there. The clip on the topper at the front hair line hurts


So I took the hair on a thread ( that I have shown in another post) and made it shorter so that its really high up on my head.Then I clipped that topper clip to the thread and OMG its way more secure then clipping to just my hair.
The thread is tighter to the head then our own hair is. No matter if you have hl or not.

This is a very snug grip and doesn't pull on that front hair. So I just thought I 'd share something that might prevent someone from shaving a patch, or to help someone who is having issues with that front clip on the topper attaching to your bio hair..

I use upholstery thread and a weft of hair to make the piece that slips over my head. The thread sits up above my bangs and this is where I attach the clip from the topper.


Seriously this is a very tight grip! My clip is not pulling on my hair at all. So maybe this
will work for others...

Of course I need to use this method for a few months to see if its going to work. I can't see why it wouldn't. I have worn this hair on a thread for 20 years and the thread has never broken and my dogs always snag that thread and so does my comb. so this should work!

see attached pics... ( I've shown these before, but with another use in mind)

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