Dark smokey purple?

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Dark smokey purple?

Postby AliceFerdinand » October 8th, 2016, 8:50 am


I'm tired of my hair being uneven and multicoloured so I want to start over and have my hair all one colour for a while. It currently has a band of black build up in the mid lengths, plus green stained dip dye on the last couple of inches which I'm gonna just cut off. Then I'll do another colour remover (I did two a couple of months ago) and then bleach bath the stubborn bits if need be. The shade I want is purple, I know some can be pretty forgiving like directions plum, which was the one I had in mind as I've used that on my ends, but then I saw Lunartides dyes on Instagram and fell in love with the swatch of their 'smokey purple' colour.


I want it quite dark, but I don't know how easy it is to get that smokiness in a darker colour; when I searched most of the images were of more lavender/lilac hair than purple (many also seemed photoshopped, too, plus the Lunar Tides hair swatch was lighter than the swatch of the dye itself. It's the swatch colour I want.) Also, what sort of base would I need? From what little I know I feel like it would need to be pretty light and with few ginger tones? But I'm half hoping you can tell me otherwise XD I only want to bleach my hair the bare minimum required.

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Re: Dark smokey purple?

Postby cocohugyou » October 8th, 2016, 9:04 am

How about this?


Way more vibrant this time around! I wasn't as shy with the colors haha. You can also see a bit of directions pink peaking through my bangs were i was...experimenting ;)

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