How to Make your Synthetic Wig More Comfortable

How to tips for wigs and caps.
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How to Make your Synthetic Wig More Comfortable

Postby cocohugyou » December 30th, 2016, 8:59 am

Sizing: Choose the correct size cap. Adjust the wig to the correct sizing with the tabs on the inside of the wig. See our Wig Buying Guide to learn how to measure your head correctly.

Mesh, Bamboo or Cotton Wig Caps:Wear a wig cap underneath to absorb sweat and provide a buffer between your scalp and your wig.

Cushion Band:This gel filled headband can be worn underneath your wig to relieve pressure points and provide padding, making your wig more comfortable to wear.

Headline It!: These disposable wig liners are placed inside of your wig to absorb sweat.

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