How do I select my wig color?

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How do I select my wig color?

Postby cocohugyou » January 26th, 2017, 2:03 am

There are a couple of factors here. How accurate is your color monitor? If you have any doubt about the color you are looking at on the computer screen being close enough to what you are looking for then may we suggest that you pick up the color ring of the manufacturer’s wig that you are interested in. Every manufacturer has their own unique color ring. This may mean you may run into a situation that you like a particular piece from one manufacturer. Our best recommendation, should you find yourself in this situation is to be flexible. Exact matching to something specific can be very hard to do. If you are thinking about a specific color, then think more in terms of color blending. No one's hair is exactly the same color all over. Look for pieces that include color elements of the wearer's own hair.

The best solutions for color choice is to choose a professional wig salon that has all of the colors on hand so that you may try on the colors against your complexion, see the styles that look best on you and make sure the fit, the fullness, the wave pattern all suits your personality, body type, and life style.

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