What are some of the advantages of human hair wigs?

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What are some of the advantages of human hair wigs?

Postby AliceFerdinand » January 26th, 2017, 1:28 am

Simply put, a human hair wig is like having your own hair. It will take as much work to maintain and has as much styling flexibility as a person's own hair. Many vendors will say that human hair wigs can be colored and permed. In our experience results vary. It has to be remembered that most human hair wigs have already been bleached and re-colored with a carbonized coloring technique that is not compatible with the common coloring products. This can be costly to your wig investment if something goes wrong.

Human hair is more durable than synthetics and tends to be a bit heavier than synthetic hair. It is the most natural looking option available. You need to understand that it will be as much work as you would do with your own hair and that the cleaning, re-conditioning, and styling will require specialized care and tools. A wig professional, not just a hair salon, is the place to care for it. Human hair wigs are a great choice if you are wanting flexibility in styling options, the most natural look available, and a longer lasting wig (about 5 years depending upon the care and maintenance).

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