hair extension care condition

How to tips for hair extensions and hairpieces.
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hair extension care condition

Postby shen » December 30th, 2016, 6:27 am

Factory processing and sealing the color / texture of hair and it is not recommended to change this with any other form of chemical processes, which may damage the hair hair extension hair before and / or the keratin tips and can not be responsible for damage may result.

● combing hair, always from the bottom up fixed hair with one hand. Do not brush or comb the hair upside down.

● remove all tangles before shampooing

● shampoo hair downward movement. Expansion between the movement in a horizontal direction to clean the head skin with your fingers. Not the hair together, not shampooing upside down, without using the circular motion of the foam hair, do not use hot water.

● smear cream hair conditioner in the root of hair from the intermediate shaft at both ends to prevent skidding.

● when washing, rinsing thoroughly, to ensure that all the residue was rinsed off, rinsed with cold water only.

● Although hair extensions are real hair, it is the root of your hair natural does not receive the same nutrients and oil. Please note that you use heat on your hair, hair extensions in shorter life. If you do not use heat on your hair, use a lower setting and application protectants.

● bed when your hair is woven into a loose ponytail at the side. Do not sleep with wet hair.

● the average header coop about 100 hairs per day, use of maintenance brush to release them and your fingertips, keep hair twisted together to extend.

● To prevent from damage, please be gentle wear hair extensions.

● To prevent matting and tangles in the root zone, use and maintenance in the root insert brush brush, brush down the link at the top.

● Like you shed hair naturally when shed hair extensions.

● If you do not follow these instructions, hair extensions’ last time will be shorten..

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