Hello from La Puente!

say hi to everyone and we want to know you more
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Hello from La Puente!

Postby zasharss » September 24th, 2016, 2:18 am

I am new to wearing a wig and am learning. However, I do have a bunch of experience with HH TOPPERS, etc. As many others I've been lurking for quite some while and got a ton of infos from this forum on how to order and wear my toppers. I have bio hair that is getting thinner and thinner especially at the temple area. Actually I should have started wearing supplemental hair decades ago. Every day is a bad hair day. The worst area is the crown, so I wear it pulled back to hide it a lot. However, after purchasing my first wig I feel so much more confident! :)

I hope it is okay for me to join. Thanks so much for everything I have learned. :D


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Postby Mavavto » May 8th, 2021, 4:26 am

Hello from Ontario I just joined the forum I have a few crosman air rifles and just getting into air pistols and looking for modding info and general tips and info


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