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Postby EveAmy » November 23rd, 2016, 9:04 am

I am in NYC, new to this site,and reading the posts thus far has been very encouraging. I'vehad hair loss since age 20 - starting with unusually thick hair which ironically people would ask if iI was wearing a wig- Managed for years until I needed wigs- But at that time I still had hair which blended easily and looked fine. Recently (Im now 62) hair loss has progressed and I need something different. I have gone into a few wig shops in which I am uncomfortable.Shopping online is overwhelming especially not knowing the basics. Money is an issue, so it is important for me to one that will work. Here many have recommended ANGELICA NORIKO ( I would like to try long) looks lovely. I have located one on EBAY (used) the seller (excellent feedback) says it is in very good condition.Normally, I'd not consider a used wig but thought that for $60.00 it might be worth experimenting to see if it a yes or no for me and then could act accordingly in future.

My hair is dark brown - seller lists the color as dark chocolate.I will call the company to get more color detail.

I like the idea of a "rooted" wig-- ( the root area is a different color to look as if your hair is growing in?) -- If I'm correct (brilliant idea) wonder if I should consider a dark brown with rooted gray for a very natural look? I am clueless about where to locate the best "rooted wigs."I have been spending far too much time at home and avoiding the world being embarrassed because of my hair.

To end on a brighter note, I was especially touched and impressed by those who have shifted their mindset from negative to a positive or at least have put this problem in perspective. I have always looked at life in the way if one door closes another will open --and while no one wants hair loss, it does open different doors...........some of which are going to be positive. Life just works that way!

Any suggestions and or comments will be greatly appreciated.

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