I feel so alone and helpless

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I feel so alone and helpless

Postby meliss9 » December 26th, 2016, 2:43 am

Hi everyone. I'm going through hell and obsessed with my hair loss with no help. To make a long story short. I had 2 babies 2012 and 2014.. I was vomiting thru both pregnancies and lost NO hair while being pregnant. After The second one was worse then the first. My second baby is 16 months and it's worse now then ever. I've been to 3 dermatologists 1 said it was seborrheic dermatitis which my scalp is still dry burning and itching. the other 2 said my hair falling should have subsided by now and "just use rogaine if u want ur hair thicker". When I told him I've heard people lose more hair on it he asks "who said that" well it's common sense I've heard and read from plenty about effects rogaine can have... My blood work came back last year my vitamin D is very low now on top of that my iron is very low now too... People have told me to use Nioxin (even for no hairloss) they say it helps but after reading u can get a hair shedding the first 2 weeks so of course I'm scared to try.... My primary dr told me don't use that stuff just use Nizoral and take iron pills... I just started Nizoral and have been going to an acupuncturist who started me on Shou Wu (Fo TI) an herb... I've also used semi permanent hair dyes the last years to cover up some grays.. Now I'm
Scared to touch it.. After the babies my hair has been so sensitive and burning especially when using dyes.. if I wanted to think about dying I was gonna use 100% natural henna.. I've basically tried every oil , vitamin, food, I'm getting so frustrated.. the stress of my hair constantly coming out even when I don't wash it , taking pics of the top of my head seeing my part look widening, seeing thinness throughout my head is controlling my life... It's all I think and talk about.. I don't want to look in the mirror, I don't want to go out in the day light and I don't wear my hair down bc all the hairs coming out stresses me out... I'm sick of doctors and their lies and quickness to put you on any Medicines... It's not a coincidence that my hair feels like a Brillo pad and has been breaking off at the ends in balls, dry, white and burning but yet I'm told to just take rogaine!?? I need help and people to talk to who understand what I'm going through...I have babies and I can't let this ruin my life...I'm going this Saturday for a Biopsy.. Why couldn't they have done that when I was in the office complaining then... Idk what else to do.. I complain to some and sound like a broken record but my hair is coming out in chunks everyday multiple times a day

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Re: I feel so alone and helpless

Postby zasharss » December 26th, 2016, 3:36 am

I completely understand your pain. I"ve had hair loss for over 20 years and it is devastating at times. It's very scary,Is your hair breaking off at the ends or from the scalp? I'm in NYC too and have been to doctors but none that I think really helped. I can tell you my advice from my experience, although everyone is different for sure. I have low iron too but blood tests say it is still in the normal range, I've taken iron supplements but they don't work for me, I think there is an absorption issue. However, I look at the pattern of my over 20 years of loss I really think it's hormonal, my hair was worst after times of stress, when I turned 40 and after a miscarriage, it was best for the years when I had two children and a few years in my 20s. It got ridiculously bad recently, I barely had any left and was wearing hair pieces, but now I am pregnant again and it's growing back, thin but it's definitely there and very little shedding at all. When I was on the pill it was fine too. After I give birth I will go on the pill again. I don't think iron is the cause but probably contributes. My thyroid is fine but borderline, so again I think that might contribute but not the cause. I've taken all sorts of pills, supplements, oils, herbs, etc, I really don't believe a single one helped at all and cost a lot of money. I don't think acupuncture or herbs do anything as there is no peer reviewed science based research supporting it. Rogaine does work for me, it leaves my hair greasy but there is definitely regrowth where I use it (at the crown.) I've been to lots of doctors and they all say the same thing, take iron, use rogaine and try our expensive products. I think when it comes down to it it's hormonal, for me at least. Maybe you want to look into that, even talk to a doctor about hormone tests. I wear extensions, hair powder and usually have my medium long thin fly away stringy hair up in a messy bun to hide how lousy it is. Most of the time I don't care anymore and focus on wearing fantastic makeup and great shoes : ) My hair sucks and I'm sure people think I'm ill much of the time or had chemo but I put things in perspective and try not to let it bother me. Good luck!

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