Here you can find all the answers for hair loss(why and how to).
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At what speed does new hair grow ?
The growth rate of hair can vary a great deal. The average hair is meant to grow at approximately half an inch (1.25centimetres) a month. It’s important to remember that following chemotherapy the hair nearly always grows back but it can take a while.

How long does my hair need to be before I can have it cut?
There is no rule as to when you can cut your hair - it all depends on the condition of your hair and what style you are aiming for. It is an entirely personal decision. You are best advised to have a chat with a hairdresser who can help you plan your new style and pencil in a time for a trim.

How can I find a good hairdresser?
That first hair cut may just be a few snips here and there, but it is something that most people will never forget and makes all the difference even to very short hair. It is amazing what can be done with just a few centimetres of hair, adding texture and creating a shape.

Will my hair be a different colour and texture then before?
Again there is no rule of thumb here. Sometimes after treatment hair growth can be altered so your hair may be a different texture then before. But equally it may be just the same as before. Jaya here found that her new hair was curly to begin with. Then as the hair grew longer the curls stayed but were softer and more sleek.
Texture refers to the shape and feel of our hair. For example: straight, curly, thick , fine, dry, and so on. You may find that the texture has altered. For example, if you used to have straight hair and now it is curly. After some time you may find that the hair reverts to a more familiar texture.

Is it true that most people will have curly hair when it grows back?
No it’s not true to say that most hair will be curly, but some people will have curly hair-growth.

Will the colour be the same?
The colour may also be altered or it may be just the same as before, again this is unpredictable. This can be the result of an alteration to your normal hair growth and may adjust and change as your hair becomes more stable.

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Added photos of my progress with these. I cannot wait to finish them and get them on my head now. Im going to order more hair so I can finish them.

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